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Wes is my favorite guitar player. The CD "Boss Guitar" was reissued a few years ago with it's original title (it had been re-released on vinyl as "This Is Wes Montgomery"). For me, it contains some of Wes' most inspired single line and chordal playing.


Chuck Wayne was a classy musician with a smooth style. "String Fever", a CD reissue of his 1957 debut album of the same name, contains the original's selection of standards with their catchy horn arrangements as well as some previously unreleased material.


"Intercontinental" is one of Joe Pass' best performances in a trio setting, This 1974 album is a must-listen.


Ed is another big guitar influence of mine. "Ed Bickert" is another great trio album. Recorded live in 1975 with Don Thompson on bass and Terry Clarke on drums, it's quintessential Ed.


"Live at Bourbon Street" - This is Lenny Breau as a focussed exponent of the jazz guitar. He and bassist Dave Young sound great in this live performance from the early '80s.


"Jim Hall Live" - a memorable album from the late '70s, featuring Jim Hall with the rhythm section of Don Thompson/bass and Terry Clarke/drums in a live setting.


"The Concord Jazz Collection Volume Three" - a cross-section of jazz guitar stylists released in 1992 - Larry Coryell, Emily Remler, Peter Leitch, Bruce Forman, Martin Taylor and many more. CCD - 4507.


"Jazz Winds From A New Direction/Hank Garland" - a CD release of the 1960 album (released in 1961) featuring 17 year old Gary Burton on vibes with Joe Benjamin/bass and Joe Morello/drums. The guitar playing is superb. (Columbia 492532 2)


Elek Bacsik - My first exposure to jazz guitar in the 1960s, Elek Bacsik (pronounced: buh' chick), a Hungarian violinist turned guitarist, is virtually unknown in North America. This is a real shame as his technique and approach are nothing short of phenomenal - although his guitar sound is not for everyone. The CD reissues, "Elek Bacsik/Guitar Conceptions" and "The Electric Guitar of the Eclectic Elek Bacsik" are available from Amazon.com. Do yourself a favor and check them out. The original cover of "Guitar Conceptions" is pictured below on the left.

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