Faces of The Halifax Explosion, December 6, 1917

The purpose of this page is to present the names of people of the RN, RCN, national & local government, harbour pilots and judiciary as well as several civilians that have been associated in some relevant manner with the Halifax Explosion. Many of these names have appeared in numerous books and accounts for almost a century but their appearance is unknown. I would like to obtain photographs for as many of these as possible.

Visitors to this page are encouraged to submit photos via e-mail in jpeg format (no less than 1Mb @ 150 dpi).


To descendants of Frederick Evan Wyatt, R.N.R. (1877-1967), second wife, Dorothy Manners Brookfield (1889-1979) from Halifax, N. S., and first wife, Madeline Flora Izod from Southsea, England (1880-1961) (Wyatt in Florida or New Jersey, Brookfield, Woodward in Quebec, Harrington, Piers, Rowlings in Sydney, N.S., Holdbrook in Pittsburgh PA or O'Neill) that may live in Canada, Portsmouth or Southsea, England, Daytona Beach, Fla., Boston Mass. (possibly in Newton), California or Auckland, New Zealand: I would appreciate receiving a quality photo of Commander Wyatt.

The couple's wedding took place at the Grafton Street Methodist church in Halifax, N.S., on February 1, 1917 and for a brief time before moving to Boston, they lived at 23 Vernon Street, close to Dalhousie University.

Acting Commander Wyatt's parents were Harry Frederick James Wyatt and Margery Sarah New Zealina O'Neill (b. 1854) (Auckland, New Zealand). Married 05 Dec., 1876 in St. Jude's Church, Southsea, Hants., England. Evan Wyatt's younger sister was named Madeline (b.1880).

The same request for photographs is made to descendants of Captain Aime Le Medec (Mont Blanc) living in Damgan, Morbihan or Saint-Nazaire in France and to descendants of Captain Haakon From (Imo) that may be living in Sandefjord, Norway.

Frederick Evan Wyatt, Acting Commander, Chief Examining Officer.

Mate Terrence Freeman, RNCVR, Examining Officer that boarded Mont Blanc.

John L. Makiny, RNCVR, Captain of tug, Nereid.

Mate Herbert Whitehead, RNCVR, Captain of drifter, CD-73.

George Abbott, Junior RCN Rating on dispatch boat that examined Mont Blancæafter the collision.

Edward Beard, Stoker Petty Officer, RNCVR, VR Niobe. Service Number: 1731. Pinnace crewman (killed in the explosion)

AB C.C. Wilson, RNCVR, Niobe. Pinnace crewman (killed in the explosion)

AB A. Saunders, RNCVR, Niobe. Pinnace crewman (killed in the explosion)

Stoker 2nd Class G.H. Yates, RNCVR, Niobe. Pinnace crewman (killed in the explosion)

LS C.C. McMillan, RNCVR, Niobe. Pinnace crewman (killed in the explosion)

AB F.P. Nickerson, RNCVR, Niobe. Pinnace crewman (killed in the explosion)

Gunner Walter O'Reilly, RCN, Niobe. Pinnace crewman (killed in the explosion)

Rodney Orlando Burnett, Carpenter, Niobe. Service Number:æ17017. Drove car over to Pier 6. (killed in the explosion)

H. N. Garnett, RN, Captain, HMS Highflyer.

Richard Woolams RNR, Officer of the Watch, HMS Highflyer.

James Rayward Ruffles, Lieutenant, HMS Highflyer. (on whaler - killed in explosion)

Claude Rushen, Leading Seaman, HMS Highflyer. (on whaler - killed in explosion)

James Dowling, Able Seaman, HMS Highflyer. (on whaler - killed in explosion)

Samuel David Prewer, Able Seaman, HMS Highflyer. (on whaler - killed in explosion)

Joseph Murphy, Able Seaman, HMS Highflyer. (on whaler - killed in explosion)

William Becker, Able Seaman, HMS Highflyer. (only survivor on the whaler).

Thomas Davis, Able Seaman, RNR, HMS Highflyer.

Robert Stones, Able Seaman, HMS Highflyer.

Aime Joseph Marie Le Medec, Captain, Mont Blanc.

Jean Baptiste Glotin, Second Captain, Mont Blanc.

Marcel Aleton, Helmsman, Mont Blanc.

Antoine Le Gat, Chief Engineer, Mont Blanc.

Alphonse Serre, crewman, Mont Blanc.

Pierre Hus, Second Lieutenant, Mont Blanc.

Joseph Eugene Levesque, Second Lieutenant, Mont Blanc.

Yves Queguiner, crewman, Mont Blanc. The only crew member killed in the explosion.

Bakily Counida, Stoker, Algerian crewman, Mont Blanc.

Francis Mackey, Pilot, Mont Blanc.

Horatio H. Brannen, Captain of tug, Stella Maris. (killed in explosion)

Haakon From, Captain, Imo. (killed in explosion)

John Johansen, Helmsman, Imo.

Anton Andersen, second engineer, Imo.

Louis Skarre, crewman, Imo.

Sigurd Sorensen, crewman, Imo.

William Hayes, Pilot, Imo. (killed in explosion)

Edward V. Renner, Pilot, S.S. Clara.

Walter Brannen, son of Horatio. Crewman, Stella Maris.

Arthur Lovett, Customs Officer - Pilotage Commission.

James Hall, Sheriff of Halifax County and Chairman of the Pilotage Commission. Witness at the Inquiry.

Thomas Benson, Major-General, Militia, General Officer Commanding (GOC).

Joseph Nolan, New York Barrister.

Andrew Cluney, Prosecutor.

Thomas R. Robertson, KC.

F. C. Bell, KC.

Thomas R. Robertson, KC.

Daniel McLaine, Captain of Douglas H. Thomas.

Ralph Smith, marine engineer with Burns and Kelleher.

Henry B. Dustan, clerk at Canadian Government Railways office.

William Arthur Lovett, chief clerk at Richmond railway yards.

Edward Beazley, 15 year old Pilotage Commission office clerk.

I am looking for quality images of the left side of a panorama photograph or the complete image below. Unfortunately, only the right side is presently available. The image was taken by a photographer with the U. S. Signal Corps and subsequently featured in many North American newspapers. The photograph first appeared as a complete panorama on 11 December 1917 in the Boston American newspaper and was apparently sent over the wire by AP.

The names of the staff and cadets in this Notman photograph of the Royal Naval College's first class of 1911-1912 are listed below. I have been able to identify 24 of the 28 personnel. If anyone can identify any of the rest or spot any errors, please let me know. I have also provided a numbered outline.

Click to view top photograph in a separate window. (JavaScript required)

1 - Edward Atcherley Eckersall Nixon (KingÍs County, Ireland)
2 - unknown
3 - James Denoon Laurie
4 - William Archibald Palmer (Ottawa, Ont.)
5 - William M. Maitland-Dougall (Victoria, B.C.)
6 - John Eric Wodehouse Oland (Dartmouth, N.S.)
7 - unknown
8 - John Victor W. Hatheway (Springhill, N.S.)
9 - Ronald Ian Agnew (Toronto, Ont.)
10 - unknown
11 - unknown
12 - Malcolm Cann (Yarmouth, N.S.)
13 - George Clarence Jones
14 - Leon Joseph Maurice Gauvreau
15 - Ronald Cameron Watson
16 - Leonard Warren Murray (Granton, N.S.)
17 - Alexander Harvey Dand (Newfoundland)
18 - John Moreau Grant (Halifax, N.S.)
19 - George Arthur "Sam" Worth
20 - Arthur Wiltshire Silver (Halifax)
21 - Basil Shakespear Hartley (England)
22 - unknown
23 - Hubert James FitzMaurice Hibbard

24 - John J. Penny (Newfoundland)
25 - Albert G. Hatcher (MoretonÍs Harbour, NL)
26 - Edward Harrington Martin (England)
27 - Lorne N. Richardson (Newfoundland)
28 - Lieutenant R. A. Yonge (Ireland)

Known to be in the photograph but are unidentified:
Harold Reed Tingley, Robert Frederick Lawson (KIA 1941), Douglas Burnell Moffatt, C. W. Reid and possibly, a steward (most likely British).
The numbers correspond to those on the outline chart.



Dress uniform of John Victor W. Hatheway from Springhill, N.S.

Is this John Thomas Gammon, Chief Master at Arms (Niobe) - Member - Order of the British Empire (Military) (MBE)?

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