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SCAPEGOAT - the extraordinary legal proceedings following the 1917 Halifax Explosion, is a self-published historical monograph by Joel Zemel. Books are available directly from the author.
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The Anatomy Of A Disaster - the evolution of a year's research by Joel Zemel and Pierre Richard that aimed to debunk the myths and correct numerous misconceptions surrounding photographs depicting the Halifax Explosion blast cloud.

The Faces of the Halifax Explosion page asks the public and for photograph submissions of naval and civilian personnel and assistance with identification of Royal Naval College of Canada (RNCC) cadets.

Read a brief history of the RNCC in Halifax.

A 1958 article from the Atlantic Advocate, "Day of Disaster" by H. B. Jefferson. Surprisingly enough, the premise of this article was based on a typing error in the Wreck Commissioner's Inquiry transcripts. Commander Wyatt's crucial third letter to Captain Superintendent Edward H. Martin was written on 15 September 1917, not 1915. Notwithstanding, the piece is well-written, informative and reads like a summary of The Town That Died; Michael J. Bird's groundbreaking book released just four years later.

A biography of H. B. Jefferson. From the Public Archives of Nova Scotia (PANS) website.

"Anonymous" article entitled "Halifax Explosion" by Rear Admiral Bertram Mordaunt Chambers, the Royal Navy's port convoy officer, in which he vividly describes his experiences and the condition of Halifax Harbour on the morning and afternoon of 6 December 1917. From the Naval Review (1920) Vol. VII, No. 3, pp. 445-457.

SS Mont Blanc crew manifest 9 November 1917.

SS Imo crew manifest 2 August 1917. Both crew manifests were retrieved from the Ellis Island Datadase website.

Tracking the Elusive HMC Dockyard Observatory - an investigation into the history of the structure and some of the modern misconceptions surrounding its location and identity.

Interesting information about the Halifax Explosion is available from the Public Archives of Nova Scotia within their "Online Resources" section.

High quality colour plates of the City Atlas of Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1878 can be accessed at the Library and Archives Canada website.

"Thematic Guides / Halifax Explosion" - An important catalogue of archival references from Library and Archives Canada.

Photographs from the HMCS Niobe Collection.

"The Persecution of Pilot Mackey" by Janet Maybee - an article first published in the Northern Mariner / le marin du nord; Apr., 2010, Vol. XX Issue 2, p. 149-173.

Walter Borden Reads Shakespeare Sonnets to the music of Fernando Sor (accompanied by guitarist, Paul Martell)

Joel Zemel's Jazz Guitar Information and Resources.

Information on 19th Century fiddle player and printer from Six Mile Brook, Pictou County, James Barry.

Information on Nova Scotia artist, Elizabeth Styring Nutt.

Documentaries by Joel Zemel.

Information of Canadian film pioneer and ecologist, Nell Shipman.

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