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Walter Borden Reads Shakespeare's Sonnets to the Music of Fernando Sor
15th Anniversary re-issue

This CD, released in 1998, has been a well received Language Arts learning resource in Canada's educational system for almost eleven years. Walter Borden Reads the Sonnets by William Shakespeare is a most relaxing way to familiarize oneself with thirty of The Bard's sonnets and 14 of Fernando Sor's studies for classic guitar. Walter's calming bass/baritone voice and Paul Martell's beautiful playing will take you on a musical and spoken-word journey that is thoroughly enjoyable.

Walter Borden, an Order of Canada inductee and member of the Stratford Festival Theatre Company, is masterful at bringing a personal touch to Shakespeare's innermost thoughts while Paul Martell expertly navigates the Sor Studies. Together, they provide the listener with a unique and pleasurable listening experience.

Sonnets CD Cover

Walter Borden Reads Sonnets by William Shakespeare to the Music of Fernando Sor
(CD - 10280) - Thirty of Shakespeare's sonnets read by actor Walter Borden accompanied by the guitar music of Fernando Sor performed by Paul Martell.

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Product out of print.

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Walter Borden Reads Shakespeare Sonnets